About Us

Our journey started in 2004 when we established Touwi Consulting, primarily providing royalty compliance audit services to the likes of Disney, Mattel and Hit Entertainment in South Africa and the UK. These experiences enabled us to become experts on the intricacies of the licensing environment, licensing agreements and related compliance matters.

From 2008 Lisbé Meiring joined the business on a full time basis, resulting in the expansion of our services to include outsourced financial reporting, financial statement preparation and IFRS Consulting solutions.

Sometime in 2014, over a cup of coffee, we reflected on our journey over the years with fond and sometimes not so fond memories of meeting people, solving problems, late nights, long flights and many days travelling away from home. Our business and our family were growing up and required more dedicated attention and a place to call home.

From this bit of reflection we established Zero30 as our home base in Cape Town, deciding to focus on financial reporting, financial statement preparation and reviewing, as well as IFRS consulting.

Since these early times our team has expanded and Zero30 has grown to service a solid client base, covering a wide range of industries and recognisable brands. Although based primarily in Cape Town, we provide our services to companies in South Africa, UK, Mauritius, Singapore, UAE and Namibia, leveraging the standardising of reporting standards and our main software provider’s international presence to provide effective and efficient solutions.

Together with our sister company, Touwi Consulting, we look forward to the next chapter of this exciting adventure.